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Welcome - Latest improved product release - ENDURRO universal linear scale - NEW !

We produce and deliver positions transducers characterized by very high degree of protection against influence of the evironment.

Dust proofness
our sensors are absolut dustproof. Dust, cutting chips and swarf have no influence to sensor operation.

SPIRO sensors can error-free operate even immersed in the water and they are therefor impervious also to oil and coolant.

Robustness, no permanent magnets inside
measuring bar is made out of non-magnetic stainless steel. It is possible to cut the measuring bar without loss of its functionality. All the parts of the scale are corrosion-proof. No influence of strong magnetic fields.

the resolutin from 0,001 mm to 0,5 mm, max. travel speed up to 7 m/sec enable sensor to be used both with machine tools and with other industrial machinery.

Low cost
Price of our scales is comparable with the price of cheap optical scales but with extraordinery high sturdiness and protection grade.

Measuring Equipment for Machine Tools
and for Other Industrial Machinery
The LIMAT sensors are designed for accurate position measuring. Their sturdy structure and high protection degree are the significant feature.
Display Units
Display Units
Display units for machine tools and for universal applications.
Sets for Machine Tools
Sets for Machine Tools
Sets for mounting to all types of machine tools

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